Property then & now

At Edwards Estate Agents we have just been celebrating our 90th year in business in the town.

Whilst carrying out office improvements and archiving we came across some old property particulars from the 1980’s.


Curiosity then got the better of me and I decided to have a leaf through to see if there was anything that we were currently marketing for a second time around, after all, as a local independent Estate Agent we very much rely on recommendations and repeat business.


From delving a little further into the archive we discovered two properties, that we are currently dealing with, one in Southwoods which we originally sold in January 1981 when the property was marketed for £31,000 and has just completed through us in January 2017 after being marketed at a price of £345,000 a 1000% increase!



The second property is a two bedroom semi detached bungalow in Plantagenet Chase being marketed in November 1981 for £23,750 and is currently on the market at a price of £165,000 a 600% uplift!. Who says that property is not a good investment!


So what else was in the news in 1981? Well the best film Oscar went to Chariots Of Fire, Charles & Diana were married, the Space Shuttle was launched, Roger Federer & Beyonce were born. A pint of milk cost just 20p, a litre of petrol was 35p and the average annual wage was £7000!


If you are interested in the current sales or rental value of your home please do not hesitate to give me a call on 01935 423434.


Darren Atyeo

Sales Manager

Edwards Estate Agents<